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Introduction: About the Options Trading System

First, we will introduce you to the business of trading options and then to the Optioneer trading methodology.

While option trading may appear to be complicated we believe it can be simplified. It is just a matter of understanding the basic fundamental concepts.

The Optioneer methodology is a simple strategy that allows you to apply discipline and maintain control and as such provides the opportunity to achieve your desired outcome.

By following the Optioneer methodology, which generates signals based on the probability of the market direction, and combining these signals with the necessary disciplines which are taught by Optioneer, you can learn how to take advantage of selling options.

The Optioneer Strategy has been developed to give those who are willing to take the time to understand the methodology but have little opportunity to follow daily market activity.

Optioneer users range from individuals who already have a balanced stock portfolio, to people who simply desire to generate additional investment returns, without involving many hours of daily work or the tedium of sitting for hours on end in front of a computer screen.

After spending the time necessary to familiarize yourself with and understand the Optioneer methodology, the Optioneer System requires just minutes a day to monitor each position.

However, before making any financial trading decisions it is strongly recommended that you complete the education and training program.

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