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Investments in Stocks and Shares

Trading Index Options assists with smoothing the peaks and troughs in cash flow. Supplementing income sufficiently well, over time, is not easy as the cyclical movement of the markets impacts prices and disrupts cash flow.

Determining lifestyle and long term security is an important issue when assessing and calculating income requirements. Investments can generate both ongoing income and wealth protection and Trading Index Options can be an aid in meeting those goals. Trading Index Options may allow you to explore a wider range of investment vehicles and to consider a wider portfolio of asset classes

When looking at your risk diversification and balancing your investment goals with a spread of assets how do you determine your split between Property, Stocks and Shares (including Trading Index Options) and Cash investments?

Your choices in selecting from the great variety of Stock and Share related sectors available to you when choosing your portfolio can be enhanced by Trading Index Options. Your portfolio may include Options, Indexes (Indices), Futures, Shares, Warrants, Listed Trusts, Managed Funds and a long list of others. These are all choices you have depending on your need for capital growth, dividend income, dividend re-investment, whether passive or active, traded frequently or held long term and Trading Index Options adds a further dimension to your alternatives.

Cash investments can be as simple as a saving account to any number of instruments and accounts. Term Deposits, Bank Bills, Certificates of Deposit and a host of other financial instruments in addition to Government and Semi-Government paper which generally provide a certain level of cash flow and Trading Index Options allows you to re-assess your split in these asset classes as your cash flow changes.

Trading Index Options with Optioneer should be a consideration in defining your asset allocation. Optioneer should be considered to make up a portion of your Share Market sector when your investment and income portfolio is in place to allow for the Trading of Index Options.

Optioneer operates in a specialised sector of the market - Trading Index Options. We believe income generation and cash flow is a predominate benefit along with building wealth. Our focus is on trading options and more particularly trading options on the Futures indices as an aid to enhancing income. That is to say we are not trading options on individual stocks but we are Trading Options on an index. E.g. the S & P 500, NASDAQ, Russell 2000.

Utilising Optioneer for Trading Index Options for additional cash flow to enhance your overall asset and wealth portfolio can be most beneficial. When researching the alternatives available to you, should you desire to supplement your income or add a second income, or even to treat it as a home business Trading Index Options is an avenue to be considered.

Optioneer was built right here in Australia over 20 years and traded solely by the originator prior to going to the market place in 1996 and being available to the public for Trading Index Options.

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