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Friends ask me, "What are you doing in Tassie, Ingrid?" My project has been to develop an understanding of Optioneer. I was too busy before we left WA and couldn’t absorb anything else. I trade the super fund and do it very conservatively by the rules (hybrids only). I really enjoy it and I’m pleased that I’ve averaged 34% during these low return months.

Kim was so glad that the Optioneer sales person rang him up after he hadn’t done anything for more than six months. It really spurred him on and he hasn’t looked back since he started trading our personal account. He’s been trading for two years now and is delighted to say he hasn’t had a loss, which is different to what he has heard from others trading different systems.

We’re planning an extended holiday going up the East Coast in which time we will test whether Optioneer can provide us with a consistent income while on enjoying ourselves on the road. At the moment it looks like retirement has just been brought forward by ten years, but we want to trial it first.

It’s a great way of earning your money all over the world. You just need internet access. This is like manna from heaven compared to working in your own business as we have over the last few decades.

The money that was in a small business is now put with Optioneer. It can provide us with a very comfortable living and without all the hassles of staff, long hours, debtors, creditors and that sort of thing.

Ingrid & Kim Goodridge TAS
September 2005

Three years ago my husband was forced into early retirement at the age of 55 due to a redundancy and a health issue. I was working part-time and became aware that we needed to find an income that could support us while I retired to stay at home and look after him.

For two years I looked at so many different things to create this income, and then through word of mouth I stumbled across Optioneer.

My husband, and especially me, are these extremely cautious and scared people to try anything out of the ordinary, but we were looking at getting into Optioneer! During this time I wondered what on earth I was getting myself into.

I had a Medical Receptionist background and had never heard of Options Trading, let alone in the Future!!! and to pay out this money to people I knew nothing about..

For whatever reason, (I was so scared) we just really felt that Optioneer would be the answer for us. We took the huge step outside our comfort zone and signed up in December 2003, and what a learning curve I have had!

We did our training in February 2004, paper traded for two months, and then I took the huge plunge and set my first trade in April 2004 and have never looked back since. I have done many trades now and all have made good, safe profits.

I have now just retired to look after my husband and Optioneer has been the answer for us.

I can't speak highly enough of the continual support, training, advice, friendliness and integrity of the whole Optioneer business. The system is just unbelievable!!

A very big thank you to Andrew, Sean, Colin and Jodie. A very special thank you to Richard Inwood for all his continued support and help, and thank you to Judy and Scott Timperon for introducing this amazing system to us that is going to give us a special and great retirement.

Jenny and Ralph Potter
Adelaide SA
December 2004

For years I have tried to follow the principles of Robert Kiyosaki (cash flow quadrant). I went from the 1st quadrant at the upper left (active income, working for a boss, hourly income, lots of time in the office, tax man takes first, $’s, I got what was left over for me and my family) to the 2nd quadrant at the lower left (active income, working my own business, spending even more hours running around, but I take first, taxman gets what is left over) then to the 3rd quadrant at upper right (passive income, business owner, rent from equipment, less time spent however monitoring the performance and cost control was still worrying) and my desire was to have my capital working by itself in the 4th quadrant at the lower right (passive income, money makes money).

The problem with the 4th quadrant is that it is not easy. The way forward seemed to be trading the stock market but that was a difficult road with varying results. Sometimes it was profitable, mostly losses and it was never a stable method for getting good returns, to achieve my goal of doing other things than working for a living.

When I joined the Optioneer group, I saw the potential to finally reach my 4th quadrant. After a full year of trading, the power became fully visible when on a trip from Holland to Bangkok, I forgot my laptop. Fortunately with the availability of internet cafes and trading direct from the Optioneer website I was able to be in the middle of Bangkok, at an internet café, drinking a cappuccino, and setting the March trade. This was fantastic, the scene is now set,. Give it a year from now, and I can see us sitting on the beach, with a wireless laptop, checking the markets and setting new trades.

The other essential feature is that we are part of a group where we can talk to each other and if we find ourselves in trouble, there is a listening ear with experience, which can give us real advice. The markets are constantly changing and it is great that Optioneer changes and adapts to each new set of circumstances.

My trading is now called risk management, and it enables me to sleep at night. It is nearly too good to be true, so I’m out to enjoy the ride and find things to do I may never have considered possible.

Jaap Flentri, WA
February 2005

Where do we go from here?

We own our own company, we have a property portfolio and some fixed shares, but we still have little time for the things we want to do

  • Spend more time with our children Benjamin 7, Jackson 6.
  • Exercise (just joking)
  • Read Novels (The DaVinci code is still sitting by the bed unread since Christmas)
  • Go fishing
  • Spend more time in the garden
  • Potter at our beach house at Moonta Bay
  • Fly a plane (Richard is a pilot)

Then we were introduced to Optioneer

  • Skeptical – Yes
  • Guarded – Yes
  • Excited – Also Yes

Can Optioneer provide us with an income and time to do the things we want to do?

OK, let's give it a go. Paper trades were not an option, after the in depth, in-house training we just wanted to get in to it straight away.

We have only been actively trading for 8 months so we are very new to this way of making an INCOME.

So what is Option Trading? Well I still don’t really know but what I do know is who Optioneer is. It is a group of very dedicated people that obviously want everyone to succeed. This is certainly an exceptional and unique experience. With Optioneer each and every one of us can extend beyond our expectations regardless of our education, background, color, age, weight and financial status – need I go on.

And what about the website – This has made trading a pleasure (especially for someone who knows very little about option trading) All the information that you need is available from the website and if you would prefer personal interaction there is Strikepoint. What an exceptional group of people, thank you for your support and helpful, efficient manner.

Good luck to all in Optioneer.

Julianne and Richard Woods
Wattle Park, SA
March 2005

As a qualified architect, now with my own photography business, I have diversified my financial interests by finding a trading approach which allows me to continue my career, at the same time as exposing myself to the international financial markets.

The risk management approach to Index trading provided by Optioneer is second to none, and having been burnt by other options trading programs, I feel secure and comfortable with the Optioneer approach, both in the level of profit and the risk I can manage, and in the exceptional ongoing support and backup provided by the founder and staff of Optioneer.

The diversity I have in analytical trading and creative business interests suits me perfectly. I can enjoy the process knowing I have consistent profits from varying income streams. I feel quite secure about my financial future with the process I adopt through Optioneer. I enjoy my daily analysis, it’s quick and easy, and I then move onto my creative imagery. What a perfect life!

Thanks to all at Optioneer for your brilliant product and service.

Sarah Richards NSW
November 2004

I was introduced to Optioneer by a friend in May 2003; I knew little of option trading and thought it to be only for the professional traders. After the introduction and only a few hours tuition I couldn’t believe how easy it really was and how little time was needed to trade successfully.

My first 12 months trading I proceeded cautiously and received a 42% return on my investment. The more trading I do the more confident I get with the Optioneer strategies; I have received consistent returns from day one.

Having just returned from a 3 week holiday in a remote part of the Kimberly's, I had a Optioneer friend SMS my trade details to a satellite phone which allowed me to monitor my trades anywhere at my leisure which I think demonstrates the flexibility of the system.

I think the real strength of Optioneer is the support. I have been able to contact support people whenever I had any major concerns and the support from them has been second to none.

I'm in for the long haul as I can see Optioneer playing a major part of my retirement funding. It takes little time to manage, it produces consistent returns, its takes the risk out of the traditional style of trading, and you can do it anywhere with very little capital.

Jack McDonald
Mining Supervisor
Newman, Western Australia
October 2004

No representations are being made that the use of the trading methodology will generate profits or eliminate losses from trading.
None of the results referenced in any testimonial are necessarily indicative of trading results that may or will be experienced in the future. In addition, losses may have been incurred subsequent to the date on which the testimonial was provided. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading futures and options on futures. Only risk capital should be used.

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